In 2016, after seeing my former partner at a Christmas party, I was feeling very much in need of guidance. We had been apart for over 3 years but seeing him and talking to him again made me realize that I had to do something about it. Jessica and Emily reached out to me by chance soon after and I told them about how I was feeling. They invited me over for a reading and after seeing them, I had so much hope and confidence that I was able to put aside my fear and reach out to him again. We have been together for 5 years now, feeling stronger and closer through the pandemic and building our home together with our beloved cat.



The twins have a gift.  They truly are amazing at what they do.  Beyond their ability to intuitively see, witness, and sense with such clarity, they hold such an empathetic and compassionate space for healing that makes everything seem possible.  Every time working with them has proven deeply rewarding.  I’d recommend it to anyone looking to expand, but especially for LGBTQ+. 

Their specialty in love, romance, and relationships helped me clear so many limiting beliefs around finding my soulmate.  There’s this profound feeling of embodiment I carry with me post-sessions that feels in vibrational alignment with my most compatible partner.  

That was beautiful… As a gay man dealing with not only my family’s acceptance but society’s expectations and historical oppression, the twins dug deep to help bring me to a new place of self-love.

They saw what just happened to me over the weekend!  Then what they said came true, “my heart WAS in San Francisco!



The Leung Twins live their lives with open hearts and open minds, which allows them to see clearly that love is all around us. Their positivity is magnetic — warm, wonderful, inspiring people all over the world have gravitated towards Emily and Jessica’s effervescent and authentic energy and spirit. Through this, the Leung Twins have amassed a beautiful web of connections from which they work their matchmaking magic. What sets the Leung Twins apart is their innate ability to understand what people are looking for in love — in my case, maybe better than I knew myself. I’ve known Emily and Jessica for over 20 years, and when they introduced me to my now husband, everything felt so natural, organic, and simple. Today, we’re blessed with a once in a lifetime, “when you know, you know” kind of everlasting love, and we have the Leung Twins to thank for it.

  –N.W. + E.B.,  SAN FRANCISCO.  Together since 2013, Married 2017, 2 kids


I met Jessica and Emily at a very difficult time in my life. I was very wounded emotionally and not feeling very much love for myself or life.

After multiple sessions they very kindly and lovingly supported me in uncovering many ideas & beliefs about myself, life, love, relationships that were blocking me from the life and love I had always wanted. Emily and Jessica are passionate about their intuitive work, truly care, and created an environment where I could see that I needed to and wanted to take responsibility so that I could create my life.

After working with them, I feel free, safe, loved and that I am able to direct my destiny. I believe in love again! And especially in myself. My view of life has taken a positive turn, I find myself attracting much better scenarios and am definitely making better decisions. I will forever be grateful for Emily and Jessica’s dedication in staying with me as I progressed in the sessions. Again, their intuition is amazing, insightful in life and love! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 



C.P. + C.L., SILICON VALLEY, CA. Together since 2012, Married since 2020, 1 dog.


The Love Twintuitives have so much energy to share! Both Emily and Jessica went above and beyond to give me an extra-long reading AND heart healing to work through the aftermath of a past relationship. Their insight and ritual helped me find the peace and strength to move-on, with hope that the right guy is just one manifestation away.



When my partner died of cancer in early 2020, I wasn’t sure how I would ever be able to heal from losing the love of my life, losing the future we planned, losing my best friend and confidant. I was numb. I had hundreds of people in his and my circle reach out to me and I was only able to muster a “thanks” or heart emoji in response. But when Jessica reached out to me with her condolences and an offer to do a psychic medium reading, I was intrigued and made sure to respond and say ‘I’m not ready now but will reach out when I am.’ And It was one of the most important and best decisions of my life. 

Six months after David died, I set up a time with the twins to do a reading. They spent the first hour patiently answering my questions about psychics, mediums, how they knew they were psychic mediums, who they learned from, who they’ve done readings with, what the different planes of existence were, what the difference between a reading and a ouija board were (which BTW don’t ever use a ouiji board!) – you name it, I asked it. Then they explained how my reading would go.  They said I could ask them questions, ask him questions, or talk to him directly and they would describe to me what they saw or heard. I closed my eyes as they led me through a visualization through the different planes until we reached the one where he would be at. Then they just started to share what they saw starting with David “walking in”, beaming with excitement to talk to me.

They described his movements, gifts he was “bringing me” or objects that would float into view and asked me if I recognized them or if they had any significance. It was a little like psychic charades. And after a couple minutes of this, I burst into tears. They had never met my David, but everything they described WAS him. They started to say phrases that only he and I knew. They described gestures of affection that were uniquely ours. They translated messages from him to me, and they were unequivocally words from this man that I love. It was profound. Tears streamed down my face the entire 2 hours we spent in conversation together. It was him. Reconnecting with him, my soulmate, catalyzed an exhale of my grief in a way that would not have been possible otherwise. 

I remember very clearly my moments of David: when I fell in love with him, when I knew I wanted to spend my life with him, when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, when I accepted that he would not survive, when I watched him take the last breaths of his life, and when I had the conversation with me on this side and he on the other because of the Twins. They didn’t introduce me to my love but they did bring him back to me and it set my grief free. It allowed me to live the incredibly joyful life I have today which includes a new love. Thank you Jessica and Emily for being such an important part of our story. I am forever grateful.  



My wife and I literally met/bumped into each other at a reggae club in LA exactly 10 months before our twin boys were born. 11 years later, we find ourselves with a 3rd child/daughter and are still discovering little things about each other that we never fully got the chance to learn since we were running full speed from day 1.  Thanks to the patience, empathy, and advice from Jessica/Emily, we were able to take a step back and really tried to hear one another out.  They offered me, in particular, a unique glimpse into a female’s frame of reference that I could trust. I needed their additional input to understand what my wife had been expressing to me all along. 

During the pandemic, we were in desperate need to reconnect as our relationship felt like it was going to end.  With the calm and reassuring help Jessica/Emily provided, we are now happier and more connected than we’ve ever been. 

Being in a committed relationship takes work. Both parties have to understand that and are in for the journey together. We tend to initially see things from our own lenses and look for faults in our partners to justify why it is ok to be upset with them. If instead we took the approach of seeing things that made us upset or disappointed as non-intentional but rather a misunderstanding, we have an opportunity to work on it to improve moving forward. Communicating with each other to genuinely try and understand the other person’s perspective is more productive than looking for the flaws in what the other is saying. 



There are matchmakers, intuitives, and love healers…and then there are the Leung twins- a complete league of their own. Emily & Jessica are pure magic. It is such a treat to work with them. Every time I feel like I’m going for a Soul Spa. I always leave feeling lighter, brighter, more confident and beautiful as I’m consistently reminded with each session that Life is a beautiful journey full of magic and miracles. These GURUS use their gifts as healers/love readers (readings are so accurate and they see all the details and fine line print) to sprinkle joy, wonder, and hope as they touch the hearts and lives of all those around them. If you’re looking for an intuitive love reading on “the One” or “x, y, z etc” on anything, these gifted souls are the ones you’ve been waiting for!



I’ve always believed things will work out the way they are supposed to. Maybe it’s coincidence, maybe it’s divine but whatever you want to call it, I trust that what’s meant to be, will be. When we were introduced by the Leung twins all those years ago, things just fell into place. We were meant to be together and we knew it. We are eternally grateful for that introduction that set the trajectory of our lives in a direction that we wouldn’t change for anything!

-Helen & Jerry, LOS ANGELES, CA. Together since 2004, married since 2007, 3 kids, 1 dog, 2 angel kitties.


As an entrepreneur, the twins showed me how I can succeed with my love life and let love in while running a business and developing and selling products. They showed me how I was attracting women who were controlling or would “ghost” me and how I secretly wanted this. Then, they changed the underlying beliefs and causes so now I’m attracting more trustworthy and supportive relationships! They taught me ways to allow love in and how to differentiate between love and actions based in fear or obligations.  Quality relationships are key to a successful business, so the twins were able to help me with both the love life and work life! The speed and accuracy of their readings and healings are impressive. Very intuitive and helpful!



I always believe how you manage your (love) life and how you manage your businesses are more similar than we believe. The twins have the ability to align your heart and mind to provide a better connection to your truest self in the present moment. Whether you are looking for your love soulmate or wanting to take your business to the next level, the twins have the ability to help you clarify and overcome blocks. There are love matchmakers, career advisors, and performance coaches, but then, there are the Leung twins. They are your secret weapon to provide you the mindset to achieve and receive everything you ever wanted and needed. Trust me, you will be asking yourself why you haven’t met them sooner.



Emily and Jessica came into my life during a time where I was just going through the motions of life. To be around them is to have a glimpse into what pure joy and happiness looks like. It doesn’t matter the occasion or how short the interaction may be, you always leave them feeling fulfilled, lighter and brighter. So when they told me they were shifting gears to expand to medium/reading/healing, I was thrilled for them. I knew they were aligning with their higher purpose, to share their gift with all. 

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for with my session. Other than that I knew the way I had been living my life, was not the way I wanted to continue. 7 years married with two small children, I wanted to let go of several childhood traumas, painful traumatic losses and grief so deep, that had plagued the last 20 years of my life. As the saying goes from Maya Angelo “When you know better you do better,” I did not want to pass on my generational baggage to my children as my parents’ and their parents’ parents had. Among one of the many heart bearing conversations with my husband, prior to marriage, I professed my unrelenting desire to stop all negative cycles within my family. With me; stops the cycle of divorce; stops the cycle of molestation; stops the cycle of fear-guarding love. But how? Insert The Lovely Leung Twins. 

It was through our session, that they were able to help me unveil the root of my childhood traumas, they were able to help me identify cyclical cycles of trauma in my life. The foundation of it all. It allowed me to start the hard work of forgiving myself for the things outside my control, forgiving myself as a child, the one I always thought “should have known better,” and start the healing process. 

The added ray of sunshine was connecting me with a few loved ones who died tragically and suddenly. Through Em and J, I was able to receive messages which truly resonated with me. It has brought me some long awaited peace to my unsettled soul and forgiveness. I was never taught the true meaning of forgiveness. It was through my session with Em and J that I learned that forgiveness is important for the one forgiving. When you forgive it’s not saying you condone the hurt that was inflicted on you, it’s freeing you from the strings of resentment and pain that goes along with it. The greatest gift I can give to my children is how to forgive and move on, happy and free. 

There is so much work left to do but I no longer feel the shackles of regret weighing me down so heavily. I’m truly thankful to them both and would recommend anyone, including my family and friends to take the opportunity to work with these two wonderful women. They truly were put here on earth to share their light and gifts with all. 


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