Love And

Coming soon! Check back for future channels/videos as we go in-depth into all things Love from a SOUL perspective.

Love And Everything Else…

  • Love & Soulmates (vs. Twin Flames, Heartmates, Karmic connections)
  • Love & Marriage (How marriage has evolved)
  • Love & Divorce (Why we marry the “wrong” people)
  • Love & Covid
  • Love & Gender & Sexuality (Why our souls feel different from others expectations)
  • Love & Children (Why we have babies with the “wrong” people and how children are affected)
  • Love & Divine Timing (Why relationships and babies happen at different stages in your path)
  • Love & Illness (Different reason why we develop and hold on to illnesses both physical and mental)
  • Love & Ghosting/Love Bombing/Monkeying and all the other cultural phenomenon
  • Love & Narcissists (Why empaths and rescuers manifest them)
  • Love & Politics & Religion