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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


Release the Past

Cleanse Your Soul

Lift Your Spirit

Bless the Journey


Always Free for All. If we’ve met you, we keep you in mind for any inspired introduction whether it is friendship/professional/love.


We read hearts, not minds. Find clarity and understanding in how to move forward by looking at the underlying energies and motivations of a person, situation, or experience. Intuitive consultations can be on any topic past/present/future but we specialize in matters of the heart (1 hr)


Channel the loves of your life. Love transcends time and dimensions and Spirit is everlasting. Find closure and healing through re-connecting with your loved ones. Includes sending traumatized spirits to crossover, broken heart/soul healings, clearing of shock and trauma soul fragments, and releasing holding on to grief and sadness stuck in the body as needed (2 hrs)


Align your mind/body/spirit to release subconscious limiting beliefs & negative patterns formed from childhood wounds/relationship betrayals/abuse/trauma/generational curses/past lives that create experiences of resistance, rejection, and regret. 90% of our lives are run by the subconscious. UNLEARN all that has been taught that block your manifestations, in order to open the pathway to allow the highest forms of love and abundance in (1 hr)

Contact us for a complimentary 20 min discovery call to see if Spiritual Therapy is something for you


Full Inside-Out Magnetic Makeover by these Forbes “Glampreneurs”. Includes ideal partner guided manifestation, 2x week Spiritual Therapy readings/healings, personalized coaching, closet & home edit/energy clearing/blessing, and photoshoot (3 mo)