Benefits of Healing

Benefits of Healing from a Spirit and Soul Perspective.

Twin on swing
  • Your heart, which is the seat of the soul, has a magnetic resonance of 60x that of the brain.  Your manifestations become faster, bigger, and better than even you can even dream.  The subconscious mind runs 90% of our life and is where memories and feelings are accessed. Despite doing mantras and meditations and energy work, you don’t understand why things just aren’t manifesting your way. Know it’s possible to experience True Love and True Freedom in this lifetime.  Co-creating a life you’ve always imagined (and the Creator has always intended for you) is exponentially easier and expedited with the help of Spirit. 
  •  The body catalogs every soul experience and your DNA/cells carry the memory of the past 500+ years and 7+ generations.  According to the ancient art of Chinese face reading, the more you release the heavy weight of the past the more youthful you will feel and look.  Your evergreen Spirit’s natural state is infinite joy and this vitality will shine through.  The soul is radiant. 
  • Genetics are not a fixed fate and can be turned on or off.  They just mean you have a higher possibility of expression, most often triggered by stress.  Diagnoses just describe a moment in time, and the only constant we have is change.  Incurable means it is curable from within.  
  • When you heal the genetic line for a specific issue, EVERYBODY in that line who consents to the healing will benefit.  Your family just needs to say out loud “Yes!” Individuals each have their own “stuff”, but shared beliefs can have blanket healings.
  • Have a safe space to access and heal repressed energy. On this earthly plane, we are surrounded and constantly engaging with other forces and energies dark and light. Be careful of psychedelics and other “ego-dissolvers” without a trusted light-worker, any drugs or alcohol will weaken your auric field and make it easier for lower energies to attach. Some shamans, healers, psychics, and mediums only engage on the ego-planes, go with trusted guides who work directly with Light.
  • You may actually lose lbs/kg/stones.  When you release heavy emotions of repressed shame, guilt, rage and fear etc (see Map of Consciousness by David Hawkins), you clear the space for love and peace and lightness.  One woman lost 2 dress sizes from a night releasing Resentments.
  • Become comfortable in your skin, body, gender, and sexuality.  ALL souls are a balance of feminine AND masculine energy and everybody is unique.  There is no right or wrong way of being.  Many are born that way, and for others an imbalance may be created as a protective response to trauma.
  • Know you are worthy and enough.  You attract the relationships your soul NEEDs, not wants.  Does your soul need to learn lessons in self-worth or power, to speak up in courage or compassion?  Close those lessons without needing to recreate scenarios to remind you of those lessons.  The basis of everything from love to business, is about how worthy you feel of deserving the goodness life has to offer. You are enough just by being yourself.   
  • Your intentions matter.  When you shift unconscious motivations of Revenge/Resentment/Regret to positive motivations and creations through love, the Universe rewards you with lasting sustainable success.  
  • Energetic cords are created from every interaction, no matter how small.  Cut the negative cords and drama-trauma-bonds.  Love cords can never be served.  When you create boundaries and only allow the “good for you” in, you are telling the Universe you want more goodness.  
  • When you interact with people, your cellular energies mix.  Even with separations in short & deep connections, and especially with long-term partners, your cells will grieve. Separation and Divorce can feel like a living death, because it is. Just like death, it is only a transition.  
  • Break up to Break UP.  As you grow, your partner may have a different rate or stay stagnant and you become an energetic mismatch. Everybody is on their own path. When partners do not vibrate at the same wavelength and operate at different soul frequencies, like magnets they will eventually repel each other no matter how often you keep trying.  A Divorce can offer condolences AND congratulations on the bravery to choose what is better for you and your family in the long run.  It is never a failure and always a boon to the Soul or the Creator when there are lessons learned.
  • Clear past energies and energy that is not yours.  The energy exchange from that one-night-stand, no matter how fun and fleeting, could stay there for 7 years.  Leftover shock and trauma can linger from an argument.  Empaths and highly sensitive people may even pick up other’s anxiety and emotional fears and feel it as their own in their body. 
  • Strengthen your relationship’s auric field.  A couple can actually create its own auric field through Trust and Commitment.  When there is Control, Criticism, Condescension, and Coldness they will create holes in the auric field and weaken their bond.
  • While it may be divine to have multiple relationships to learn certain life lessons, the ultimate in a soul’s growth is through deep and lasting commitments.
  • You are born to love and be loved in every stage of your life.  Our souls are here to remember what Unconditional Love is through Connection and experience all forms of love, especially romantic love.  There is never just one chance or partner, your time has not passed, and there are infinite soulmates.  Settle Up to manifest your Heartmate-the highest and best, most compatible soulmate who can grow with you.  
  • Connecting to people on all 4 levels (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) creates the most fulfilling relationships.  This becomes a true SOUL connection.  Healing your Love chakra also can improve your abundance, as it opens you up to being RECEPTIVE to love.  Abundance is love, health, money, joy, and magic.  
  • Healing your mother/father issues will affect major change, as often children subconsciously associate parents with God.  According to a Bali Healer, healing your relationship with your mother will help you finances, and the relationship with your father will help your love life.  What you learned Love is from your parental figures growing up may need to be updated.
  • What we learned marriage is to a culture or society may have to be unlearned and replaced with what actually is for your highest and best good in current times.  
  • The ages of 0-7 are when children are like sponges soaking in all around them creating many subconscious programs.  Any positive shift in you will have ripple effects.  Children are especially resilient. 
  • The generational cycle can stop with you. 
  • One major trauma can shatter a soul, necessitating a broken soul/broken heart healing(s).  That one event, no matter how brief, can blow up your foundation of safety, security, love and be unknowingly running in a constant state of PTSD.  Wires become so crossed and tangled, be patient with your progress and allow yourself the time and space to heal.  When it bleeds into every aspect of your life, from what you wear, how controlled your home must be, how you present yourself to the world, to your professional life and success, to the way you are treated by friends and strangers alike. It limits your potential by keeping you small, where it is safer to hide your shine.  We want to shift from a state of Survival to Thriving, from a mindset of Scarcity to Abundance, from a feeling of Unworthiness to Wholeness.