About the Leung Twins

The Leung Twins

Emily & Jessica

Emily and Jessica Leung are San Francisco Bay Area-based comfy Shoemakers turned Psychic Matchmakers-Soulmate Mediums-Spiritual Therapists. They major in matters of the heart and minor in manifestations for entrepreneurs.  Beginning with Hey Lady Shoes and weddings, they’ve always considered themselves in the love biz. Now they expand to love in all its stages and iterations.

A lifetime hobby as people connectors and relationship advisors was born from their 3rd generation matchmaker blood. These Master Spiritual Healers with elite intuitive training give magnetic makeovers to help you hack the Law of Attraction.

Love Twintuitives was officially inspired from needing more Love & Healing out of a post- #MeToo, middle-of-Pandemic collective trauma.  They hope to save people a lot of time, energy, and heartache by sharing their miracle manifestation story and healing secrets with the world.

This Entrepreneur Sibling Dream Team have helped Hollywood creatives, Silicon Valley CEOs, professional athletes and more achieve peak performance and partnerships. They are for growth-minded, purpose-driven people who strive to create the highest connection to self & others, actualize their fullest potential & manifest their best lives.

Hacking the Law of Attraction

We look at all things Love, Healing, & Manifestation through a holistic spiritual lens. Spiritual Health is the ‘secret behind The Secret’. The root of an individual’s physical, emotional, mental, social, financial, and relationship health IS spiritual health. 

Emily & Jessica are identical twins with the same DNA and family/work stresses, yet their lives became a case study in how Nature vs Nurture would diverge with so much suffering.  Jessica began reverse-engineering how she miraculously reversed terminal cancer 0% survival odds by soul-searching the WHY & HOWs.  The energetic roots of her illness triggered from a toxic abusive relationship, which in turn stemmed from an unresolved #metoo experience and generational karmic patterns. They believe the vital factor was by healing a soul fractured from trauma.   They found the INSIDE-OUT (spirit-> emotional-> mental-> physical) approach was light years faster than OUTSIDE-IN (physical->mental->emotional->spirit).  Instead of planning her expected funeral, the 5 metastasized cancers spanning from nose to tailbone, shoulder to shoulder disappeared within a couple months.  The RX: cut out the unhealthy with surgical precision and stitch with love.  Instead of treating the symptoms, they deep-dive to the root of all dis-ease.



  • Once-upon-a-time story | To rewrite your narrative for your Happily Ever After
  • Once-in-a-lifetime moments | To manifest more to cheer and celebrate
  • One-of-a-Kind people | Highest Quality connection to Self & Others
  • One-of-a-Kindness | As you heal yourself, you unknowingly change the lives of a 100 more.


Love Twintuitives promotes holistic health and wellness through peak performance, personal development and responsibility.

All ages, orientations, and partnerships are welcome to embody the SPIRIT of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

Both Hey Lady Shoes and Love Twintuitives are physical manifestations of compassion, courage, connection, and celebration.

They are anti-discrimination and pro-love, and strive in every decision to choose Love over Fear.

Open Minds, Open Arms, Open Hearts