Emily and Jessica came into my life during a time where I was just going through the motions of life. To be around them is to have a glimpse into what pure joy and happiness looks like. It doesn’t matter the occasion or how short the interaction may be, you always leave them feeling fulfilled, lighter and brighter. So when they told me they were shifting gears to expand to medium/reading/healing, I was thrilled for them. I knew they were aligning with their higher purpose, to share their gift with all. 

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for with my session. Other than that I knew the way I had been living my life, was not the way I wanted to continue. 7 years married with two small children, I wanted to let go of several childhood traumas, painful traumatic losses and grief so deep, that had plagued the last 20 years of my life. As the saying goes from Maya Angelo “When you know better you do better,” I did not want to pass on my generational baggage to my children as my parents’ and their parents’ parents had. Among one of the many heart bearing conversations with my husband, prior to marriage, I professed my unrelenting desire to stop all negative cycles within my family. With me; stops the cycle of divorce; stops the cycle of molestation; stops the cycle of fear-guarding love. But how? Insert The Lovely Leung Twins. 

It was through our session, that they were able to help me unveil the root of my childhood traumas, they were able to help me identify cyclical cycles of trauma in my life. The foundation of it all. It allowed me to start the hard work of forgiving myself for the things outside my control, forgiving myself as a child, the one I always thought “should have known better,” and start the healing process. 

The added ray of sunshine was connecting me with a few loved ones who died tragically and suddenly. Through Em and J, I was able to receive messages which truly resonated with me. It has brought me some long awaited peace to my unsettled soul and forgiveness. I was never taught the true meaning of forgiveness. It was through my session with Em and J that I learned that forgiveness is important for the one forgiving. When you forgive it’s not saying you condone the hurt that was inflicted on you, it’s freeing you from the strings of resentment and pain that goes along with it. The greatest gift I can give to my children is how to forgive and move on, happy and free. 

There is so much work left to do but I no longer feel the shackles of regret weighing me down so heavily. I’m truly thankful to them both and would recommend anyone, including my family and friends to take the opportunity to work with these two wonderful women. They truly were put here on earth to share their light and gifts with all.