I met Jessica and Emily at a very difficult time in my life. I was very wounded emotionally and not feeling very much love for myself or life.

After multiple sessions they very kindly and lovingly supported me in uncovering many ideas & beliefs about myself, life, love, relationships that were blocking me from the life and love I had always wanted. Emily and Jessica are passionate about their intuitive work, truly care, and created an environment where I could see that I needed to and wanted to take responsibility so that I could create my life.

After working with them, I feel free, safe, loved and that I am able to direct my destiny. I believe in love again! And especially in myself. My view of life has taken a positive turn, I find myself attracting much better scenarios and am definitely making better decisions. I will forever be grateful for Emily and Jessica’s dedication in staying with me as I progressed in the sessions. Again, their intuition is amazing, insightful in life and love! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!