The Leung Twins live their lives with open hearts and open minds, which allows them to see clearly that love is all around us. Their positivity is magnetic — warm, wonderful, inspiring people all over the world have gravitated towards Emily and Jessica’s effervescent and authentic energy and spirit. Through this, the Leung Twins have amassed a beautiful web of connections from which they work their matchmaking magic. What sets the Leung Twins apart is their innate ability to understand what people are looking for in love — in my case, maybe better than I knew myself. I’ve known Emily and Jessica for over 20 years, and when they introduced me to my now husband, everything felt so natural, organic, and simple. Today, we’re blessed with a once in a lifetime, “when you know, you know” kind of everlasting love, and we have the Leung Twins to thank for it.

N.B. + E.B., SAN FRANCISCO  Together since 2013, Married 2017, 2 kids