Readings are fun!!  It is like Tarot cards if tarot had an infinite number of cards and 2 Professor Trelawneys.  We will begin by describing what we “see” and they may appear random at first,it is up to you how it is significant to you.  We are reading the ENERGIES of a situation or person and it can be either LITERAL or METAPHORICAL.  

You can ask anything, and the more specific the question, the more specific the answer.  Knowledge is power. 

For example, an Entrepreneur asked, “Will I make money in my home business?” and the image was a little Russian Babushka lady pulling potatoes out of the ground.  We have no idea, but it meant something to her family and culture about being provided for.

Once somebody during a Soulmate medium reading once asked “Should I go to Thanksgiving?” and the response was “Wellllllllll, do you FEEEEEL like going to Thanksgiving???!!” It was spoken in the way her soulmate would have responded.  Then we see a little kid picking her nose and a chicken!  The very next day she received a photo from her friend at Thanksgiving of a girl picking her nose, with Thanksgiving balloons behind her.  The chicken, they were thinking of making chicken instead of Turkey.

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