Walls are man-made. 

Healings are less fun and can become uncomfortable if your soul fights to keep the status quo and resists change.  We also remove blame entirely from the equation, it’s not about who was right or wrong but about what can you change in your life to shift that situation.   Many energies are lifting that have weighed you down for a long time, and this weight become what it was use to.  You can lie down with a blanket and cover your eyes to get more comfortable.  You may feel exhausted but relieved and lighter afterward it integrates. 

We hope one day you can look back upon these dark times of transition and be able to laugh about it, and at the very least recognize you’ve come so far.  Pfft, almost died?!  That was nothing.  That thing that ripped my soul and shattered my heart into a thousand pieces?  Well, now you’re making it into a movie and it’s a Rom-Com.

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